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Bugfixing KVM live migration

Here at Anchor we really love our virtualization. Our virtualization platform of choice, KVM, lets us provide a variety of different VPS products to meet our customers’ requirements. Our KVM hosting platform has evolved considerably over the six years it’s been in operation, and we’re always looking at ways we can improve it. One important aspect of this process of continual improvement, and one I am heavily involved in, is the testing of software upgrades before they are rolled out. This post describes a recent problem encountered during this testing, the analysis that led to discovering its cause, and how we have fixed it. Strap yourself in, this might get technical. The bug’s first sightings Until now, we have built most of our KVM hosts on Red Hat Enterprise Linux...

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Fleet for Magento – new release available

The Fleet team continue to release new features and improvements to our Magento-as-a-Service platform, Fleet. The highlights for this week’s release include performance improvements, support for custom health checks and improved usage reporting. Support for custom health checks. Added warning when loading a third release into an environment. Fleet cron fragments (under /etc/cron.d/) are now readable by the deploy user. Weekly Fleet usage reports now sent. Autoscaling history now exposed as a log. NewRelic license can now be unset if it was previously set. Performance improvements to env describe. Version number (–version) now has meaningful output. Please see the Fleet changelog for more information about this and previous releases. As always, to take advantage of the new features you simply need to create a new release. Any changes at the environment...

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SydStart 2015 and Amazon Web Services

‘The biggest startup conference in Australia’, Syd Start 2015 (October 29-30) brought an impressive line up of international speakers and attracted over 2000 people to Sydney’s Town Hall. The Anchor Team hosted a booth at the two-day event, showcasing our involvement in the start-up community and some of our clients that have grown into massively successful global businesses, most notably the Silicon Valley behemoths GitHub and TestFlight. The event featured speakers such as Mark Bouris (Yellow Brick Road etc), Ray Chan (9GAG), Sean Ellis (Growthhackers.com), Jane Lu (Showpo) and Anchor’s own co-founder Andrew Rogers, sharing insights into the success and failures of an entrepreneur. The event also gave us a chance to talk to tech startups looking to adopt Cloud/Agile development methodologies about outsourcing the DevOps management of their AWS infrastructure to Anchor, with...

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Magento a Perfect Fit for Princess Polly

Hand-tailored by Anchor and Acidgreen Thwarted by the limitations of its existing CMS, Princess Polly chose Magento as the flexible foundation for the fashion retailer’s future ecommerce plans. However, for the project to succeed, Princess Polly also needed a digital agency to perform the necessary alterations to create a personalised designer platform. Plus, they needed a hosting partner to tailor the bespoke hosting ensemble to Magento’s particular shape, for a perfect fit with plenty of room in all the right places. “Working with Anchor is like having an extra developer in house. We consider them to be part of our development team” James Lowe: Senior Technical Consultant, Acidgreen GROWING PAINS Princess Polly started as a fashion boutique in Surfers Paradise back in 2005, launching an online store in 2010. “Within...

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Anchor and the SearchSpring Caper

The dame introduced herself as Chantele Gibson, Director of Sales for a company called SearchSpring. How she got in my office I didn’t know. But she wasn’t pointing a .45 at me, which made a change. Chantele—even the name told me she was in the wrong end of town—spilled the facts on SearchSpring. Turns out two brainiacs called Gareth Dismore and Scott Zielinski founded the business in 2007. Today they supply intelligent on-site search services for over 600 online retailers around the world. Better on-site search results means guys like me can find what we want faster. And that means more customers. Smart. The kind of smart that doesn’t normally seek me out. I knew search engines were putting private detectives like me out of business. I poured a bourbon from...

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Important: Tucows Domains — Phishing Attacks

Important: Tucows Domains — Phishing Attacks Recently we became aware of a number of bulk email phishing attacks made to owners of domains registered through Tucows. (What’s a phishing attack? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing) The offending emails come from the email addresses: domainabuse@tucows.com.org; domainabuse@tucows.com.info; legal@tucows.com.em; and domainabuse@tucows.com.net. The emails claim that the recipient’s domain name has been suspended and includes a link. Do not click any of the links within the email Do not reply to the email Do not call the phone numbers listed within the email If you have received one of these emails and wish to clarify the status of your domain name, please contact us. An example of one of the phishing emails is below: ======================== Domain Name: “YOUR DOMAIN” Registrar: TUCOWS, INC. (or other) Registrant Name: “from...

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Online retail growth in Australia and FOMO

Australians are famous for their love of sunshine, surf, a beer and a good BBQ. But current stats show Aussies to be just as passionate about shopping, the Internet and smartphones. Half of Australians also jump on social media every day, to drown the world in pictures of food, outfits, new cars, weddings, current mood, ‘no make up selfies’ and provide updates as to their every move up until the time they go to bed. Even after lights out, they lie in bed for hours staring at a small screen, increasing their sleep debt as they experience the Gen Y phenomenon of FOMO (‘Fear of missing out’). Now for the statistics overload: Out of nearly 24m people, only 15% of the population is over 65, with 86.9% of the country...

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E-commerce site search – understanding customer behaviour

As someone who dabbles in online shopping more often than I should, I can say first hand that a pleasant user experience can easily turn a one time buyer into a regular, cart-filling devotee. An important part of this experience is being able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. With major online retail events like Click Frenzy around the corner, you don’t want to have shoppers logging on to your site to make a purchase, only to be frustrated when they can’t find what they want. From experience, I can assure you the next tab opened will be one of your competitors. Most of us associate online search with Google, which sets the bar pretty high for online retailers. Thanks Google! Regardless of your ecommerce platform—whether it’s Magento, WooCommerce or any of...

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5 steps to prevent your website getting hacked

I want to clear this up right from the start. No matter how security conscious you are, your website can always be hacked. In fact, if security isn’t really on your radar and you’re not already taking steps to keep your website (and the underlying application stack) patched and up to date, then it is almost certain that your site will get hacked—and soon. The thing is, it’s not just your data at risk if your site is hacked. You also run the risk of Google dropping it like a hot potato (meaning you’ll be removed from Google’s search index) if the hackers use it to distribute malware; a common tactic the bad guys will use to harvest credit card and personal data from people. In today’s digital world, getting...

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Is Your Website Ready for Click Frenzy 2015?

With Click Frenzy happening again on November 17th, and online sales trends continuing to climb, it is once more predicted to break online sales records—as well as any participating websites that aren’t prepared. Last year’s Click Frenzy event saw a 27.7% rise in online sales over the previous year, with the average customer order increasing 15.2% to $151.021. Any sudden rise in online activity, particularly when compressed into a single 24-hour period, can trigger a frenzy of technical issues for some retailers. According to IBM research, the first Click Frenzy in November 2012 saw 37% more online sales than even the Boxing Day sales. This unprecedented flurry of online transactions in such a short period of time saw many retailers crash under the pressure, losing sales and frustrating customers2. That...

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